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Skinny black


Kaya Scodelario!


I don't call myself as a "fashionista" , "fashion addict" , "trendsetter" or any word that has the same meaning.

I am here not to follow or to copycat someone or anyone.

I just put up anything that I love here, that's all.

I know no one is reading this blog.

Just a reminder to myself.

Thank you.

Quote 1 . .

"To Love, and To be Loved."



Alexa for Nylon



[tfs via knightcat]

Nast nasty girl!

I've been browsing through nastygirl webpage for quite some time now. I love all their dressess! If only I had lots of money to spend on clothing and a super hot sexy body. Also, I'm in need of black clothing. Yes, I'm lack of it. Shizz!


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